Sunday, June 26, 2011

Earn Money From Writing

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There are dozens of free opportunities to earn money online and in my opinion writing articles or blogging are the easiest ways to earn extra cash the free way.

If you're searching for a way to earn extra money on the web, then I suggest writing online to earn extra monthly income.  When I started to write online I had no idea where my writing would lead me and I had no idea what to write about until a person I met online guided me in the right direction.  You might wonder why I decided to listen to a stranger but I did so because that stranger did not ask me to pay for anything but instead requested me to join Revenue Sharing Websites through their referral link.  He explained to me that if he could teach me how to create residual income, he would be helping people and at the same time help himself.  The more I would write the more I would eventually earn and he would eventually earn more money from my writing.  Each time I wrote an article, I increased the odds of generating revenue for myself and at the same time he would earn an additional small percentage of the revenue I generated because he recruited me.  When I finally understood what he was teaching me, I could not stop writing, learning and doing my best to get people to follow my lead and join through my Affiliate links.  I now earn daily residual income and I earn a percentage of additional income from the dozens of people who joined Revenue Sharing Websites through my Affiliate links who write daily, weekly or monthly.  You don't earn money over night but gradually over time you start to earn daily residual income.  Over time you start to realize that you generate some kind of income even when you are not working on the computer daily.  I stuck it out long enough and created multiple streams of residual income using free resources available on the web. 


If writing online appeals to you but you are not sure what to write about, let me suggest writing product reviews to help yourself get started.  I had no idea what to write about and my writing skills were horrible.  I was overly concerned what people might think of me if they came across one of my articles or blogs.  I got over it.  I received lots of critical comments about grammar, spelling and vocabulary but I had to ignore those comments to push forward to get better.  If I did not continue to practice I would never gotten better.  I made a decision to succeed online.  I made a decision to become one of the best at utilizing free resources available on the web to create streams of residual income.  95% of the resources I use are free resources and I've built a successful Internet Business using those free resources.  I saw myself as a successful Internet entrepreneur whose time of being an expert would eventually come.  People now follow my lead to create their own Internet success story.

You can write product reviews using blogger or by joining Revenue Sharing Website platforms.  Take a good look around your home and I'm sure you have many products you use everyday, weekly or monthly and you do so because you need and like the products.  If you sit down and start to write about those everyday products, you can gradually create streams of residual income from simply sharing an opinion about products you enjoy using.

Writing about products you use everyday to create streams of residual income is not the same as taking surveys to earn a few bucks.  Work you do today can generate residual revenue for years to come.

Yes, I have become an Internet success and I still write articles at the Revenue Sharing Websites I joined when I started to write online.  Successful online entrepreneurs all had to start from step one and taking that first step lead me to a better financial standing.  I write articles, I blog, I create websites, I record videos, I earn residual income as an Adsense, Chitika and Infolinks Publisher, I earn residual income selling Amazon and Google Affiliate Network Products, I'm a Youtube Partner, I'm an Affiliate to dozens of online companies and I earn residual income through the Hubpage and Redgage programs.  I'm sure I've missed something but I wanted to point out how far I've come in about five years time.  It is possible to create multiple streams of residual income using free resources available on the web.  I now work less and I now earn more.  I earn money every single day because I stuck it out long enough to reap the rewards.

Take that first step to better your future financial standing.  Learn what you need to learn to start having fun when you work online.  I now love what I do instead of doing what I need to do to simply get by.